Call4Papers - announce your participation

At first we need your announcement for the event you plan to organize.

You'll receive an email with instructions after submission.

To avoid back-and-forth questions, please fill out as cmplete as possible.

We make the videos available for you and provide the video conference infrastructure for you.

Upload a video

Approx. 4 weeks before the LPD we already want to have videos available. Submit timely!

Please name you video file with this schema: $LUG_-_$NAME_-_$TITLE.mkv

Upload Link:

Important! 1920×1080 (1080p), 25 fps, format: MKV (ca. 1-1.5GB/h) - we will add a LPD intro sequence to the video.


  • Video + Q&A = You want to submit a video and offer a Q&A session on the topic
  • Theme-Channel = You will offer a live session or discussion
  • Meet-Channel = You want to casually chat to people interested in your user group.
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