FAQ: l-p-d.org organisation and structure

This site is to show the organizational structure of LPD, the functionality and which kind of services are delivered from here. As and add-on, it should help to consolidate the wording and ensure a better understanding.

FIXME (Weiterer Ausbau)

This is how we organize ourselves:

  • Core-ORGA-Team
    • A bunch of people doing the central work. They are leading the board and organize all basic functions (money flow, web-hosting, central marketing, central services, actions (magazine, flyer) , …
    • They are also acting as primary support for coordinators.
    • Our goal is to have at least three people in the board to do the work together to prevent a situation where the lost of one person leads into treatment disability of the LPD.
    • Second row / ORGA helper
      • Take over the special tasks
      • Press
      • Design media
      • translations
  • Coordinators
    • Are people or groups coordinating a region or a country. As local natives, they are first contact for organizers and interested persons on site. They communicate with the core organization in organizational measures and, if necessary, make adjustments, such as collected data submissions to LEO, and so on. They form the top of the support on the ground and thus relieve the core team.
    • Coordinators are right now settled for DE and CH. BE/FR is to be negotiated ( — Administrator 2019-03-16 13:24)
      • In the broadest sense, the organisation of the LINUX Day (linuxday.it) in Italy [IT] is also one of the coordinators, since they have been organising it nationwide for decades and have been working with us.
  • Organizer and other interested people
    • Get support from the nearest coordinating office and are submitting entries in LEO to relieve the organization
    • They also add information where necessary
  • Supporter
    • Can contact suitable organizers to support them
  • Translators
    • Do the translation of documents as the website, LEO and others in a long term. They coordinate with the Core ORGA or the respective body.
  • Website: l-p-d.org (later may be also linux-presentations-day.TLD)
    • Central information base
  • Linux-Events.Org [LEO]
    • A datastore for information about events in the LINUX area, free and open software, etc. for groups like LUGs and for coordination sites, like LPD
    • Is used by the LPD for recording and support of organizers, interested parties, etc. Entries are made in the respective language
    • The site is localized and appears in the browser language or after doing personal settings
    • See also: FAQ: for Linux-Events.Org [LEO]
  • Mailing lists
    • Are set up for communication purposes
    • See also: Datenströme & Nachrichten-Feeds
  • Social-Web/Fediverse/???
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