Event schedule / LPD-Online 2022.1

On this page you find everything concerning the online events. All and the local events in particular you can find at LPD dates.

Starting may 5th the first videos will be online already.
This way you can get familiar with a topic you're interested in - without pressure.
For video creators we offer instructions and organization / help channels.

Stay up to date!

Until May, 14th 2021 the schedule is a moving target.
Get the schedule as ICal for your email/calendar program.

At the date of the L-P-D there will be

  • Q&A channels to further discuss the topic of a video,
  • Theme channels for live talks and discussions
  • Meet-Kanäle to casually get to know a user group.
The video of the L-P-D 2021.1 are still available on media.ccc.de.
The video of the L-P-D 2021.2 are still available in the LPD schedule 2021.2.

The videos of the L-P-D 2021.2 will be hosted on https://l-p-d.org/en/events/lpd_online_2021-2/start as well.

📅 Mind the time windows of the channels, so you don't miss your favourite channel.

There are no recordings of the video conferences. Please also do not record them by yourself.

And most importantly: Be nice to each other 🙂

We'll have more details in february …

Nothing of interest? The video of the previous L-P-D (2021.1) are still available on media.ccc.de.
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