LPD 2023.1

„Linux & Open Source hands on“ is the theme of the Linux Presentation Day.

Individual local Linux User Groups bring this event to life. It is directed to beginners, new users and people considering to switch to Linux.

You as hosting Linux User Group, school, university, company etc. are the driving force of this event.

The local events are collected here. We support you with material you may use for advertising.

November, 18th 2023

Already listed events

You want to participate and help organizing the event? Come and join us!

We use a Matrix channel to organize the activities surrounding the LPD.
Direct communication is possible on-demand via our Live Video Chat Channel.

Our Matrix channel

Our area: matrix://#l-p-d.org:fkn-service.de
Our orga-room: matrix://#lpd:fkn-service.de

Other channels to reach us:
You may reach us via our mailing liste and on weekdays 7-9pm
in IRC (ircs://fkn-service.de:6667/#L-P-D.org) or
via XMPP/Jabber l-p-d.org@conference.jabber-germany.de

Plan / dates

Task Start
LPD organization 06/1
adversize print 09/1
advertize online 10/1
advertize online agaim 11/10
LPD event 11/18
LPD recap 05/23

Internal organizational decisions are stored in a closed section.

If you participate actively or not, advertise the event to attract many visitors.

Share the L-P-D video with friends in your private social media channels.

Official taxonomy:

  • Linux-Presentation-Day [LPD]
  • LPD

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Our Hashtags:

#LinuxPresentationDay #LPD

Here you will find templates for posters, flyers, sticker as well as logos and QR code for local and online advertisement.

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