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Linux-Presentation-Day [LPD]
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{{ :lpd_v-chat_termine.ics |ICS}}. --- //[[|LPD-ORGA]] 2021-02-24 11:44// </callout> <callout type="i... for the organisation, the [[|LPD-ORGA]] offers only the overall coordination, support, ... various aspects of the organization. Read more [[:orga:de:lpd_orga|here]]. ==== As range multiplier ==== Link our site, link LEO if you have entries there
FAQ: organisation and structure @en:faq
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=== This is how we organize ourselves: * Core-ORGA-Team * A bunch of people doing the central wo... eatment disability of the LPD. * Second row / ORGA helper * Take over the special tasks ... ers in a long term. They coordinate with the Core ORGA or the respective body. ===== Means and servic