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Linux-Presentation-Day [LPD]
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ch with the organizers. This can be done e.g. via LEO (see below). ==== As a supporter ==== You thin... === As range multiplier ==== Link our site, link LEO if you have entries there, report about us and/or... What is Linux-Events.Org? ===== Linux-Events.Org [LEO] was created by [[|FKN... ame change to Linux events and its own platform. LEO continues to serve to relieve the LPD organizers
FAQ: organisation and structure @en:faq
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djustments, such as collected data submissions to LEO, and so on. They form the top of the support on t... coordinating office and are submitting entries in LEO to relieve the organization * They also add i... * Do the translation of documents as the website, LEO and others in a long term. They coordinate with t... * Central information base * Linux-Events.Org [LEO] * A datastore for information about events i