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Downloads for your event and advertisement.

Download with transparent background:

100x50 | 150x75 | 300x150 | 600x300 | 900x450 | 1200x600

Download with solid white background:

100x50 | 150x75 | 300x150 | 600x300 | 900x450 | 1200x600

The logo uses free graphics and fonts:

Note of thanks: The concept for the event and the logo were created by Hauke Laging, the name was coined by Philipp von der Linden. The logo was created by Ralf Vögtle, Annette Kalbow and Hauke Laging using Inkscape.


16x16 | 32x32 | 64x64 | 128x128 | 256x256 | 512x512

You can find a lot of material for print use here:

You may choose from the available files. You may also create a folder with your templates to share with other groups. Licence must be “Free4All”. Create a folder with your user group name for it. Add a PNG with the same name to enable a preview.

Examples of LPD announcements of user groups

Tools for wiki editors

Infrastructure for your LPD organization

Provided by FKN-Systems, if you see fit.

Directly usable:

  • CryptPad - End2End encrypted pad
    • text, code, presentation, spreadsheet, survey, kanban, whiteboard, CryptDrive

Available after registration and approval:

On request at FKN-Systems:

  • Gitea Git-Hub Alternative
  • Cloud Speicher, Kalender, Colab, …
  • Online Akademie (Online Lernen, Lehrmittel verwalten)
  • RSS-Sammler
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