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Linux-Presentation-Day [LPD]


LPD Dates 2019

  • 2019-05-18 / 3rd Saturday in May
  • 2019-11-16 / 3rd Saturday in November

The LPD.2018.2 was on Saturday, the 2018-11-10, some events also took place on a later date. You can find the upcoming dates here or here as a map. All events 2018.

Magazine packages

Only in German: Also for the next LPD you can get the journals-packages for free.

Translators wanted

We are looking for translators for these pages into the languages: EN, NL, FR, IT, TR, and others. If you are interested, please read here.

Reach us in a chat

On IRC: ircs:// or via Web: Weekdays about 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. See you!
Interactive map to the LPD:

The Linux Presentation Day (LPD for short) is an event concept with the idea of organizing events around the LINUX topic worldwide on a key date in order to introduce and explain LINUX to interested visitors. The motto is “Linux to look at and touch”.

LPD was initiated by the Berlin LUG in 2015. Since then LPD has been held at two dates a year in many German cities and other European countries. You can find an overview of all previous events here.

Linux-Presentation-Day wants to draw more attention to LINUX, but above all to the freedom it brings. I want to give people enough information so that they can make well-founded decisions. And I would also like to point out the fundamental alternatives to software and hardware that many people are simply unaware of. Another important point is the idea associated with free software and hardware of achieving independence from institutions in order to regain more privacy and self-determination.

As a decentralised concept, LPD is supported by a wide range of stakeholders, from LUG to Folk High School and other interested groups. Each event is unique. What they all have in common is that they take place around a set date and concentrate on the LINUX theme.

In general, these events give visitors the opportunity to see and try out LINUX in its various forms for themselves, but they also include discussions, demonstrations, lectures, etc. The respective organiser is solely responsible for the organisation, the LPD-ORGA offers only the overall coordination, support, media and central contact point.

Anyone can take part! Whether as organizer, helper or organizer, there is an opportunity for everyone to get involved:

… of course you need a certain LINUX expertise and endurance. 🙂

Everyone can be an organizer, whether LUG, VHS, company, Stammtisch, Maker-Space, Fab-Lab or just interested people; everyone can, if you want. 😉

All you need is ideas, rooms or a venue - it can even be a shopping centre, maybe a few people who want to join in and off you go. You can find a small guide here and here.

We support you with the organization, with questions, try to establish contacts and more. Simply contact us so that we can discuss your needs. Various media and examples are available under Resources.

Actually everyone who organizes an LPD needs a helping hand. 🙂 As a helper it is not necessarily about LINUX knowledge, but about the many small tasks which have to be mastered in the context of an event. For example: guides, folders, help with setting up and dismantling, and much more.

If you are interested in taking part in such an event and/or supporting one, you choose a suitable one and get in touch with the organizers. This can be done e.g. via LEO (see below).

You think the campaign is worth supporting and would like to contribute something? You can do this on the following account:

Although the orientation of the LPD organisation is more non-profit and non-profit, the costs for infrastructure and the hours worked are also incurred here. The focus is always on supporting the organisers and marketing the LPD.

You can contribute to this. Whether monetary or material value, every support counts. In the past, for example, there were magazine packages for registered organisers, or bags with penguin key fobs or ballpoint pens, and lanyards and similar jewels are also helpful. Likewise cost recovery or assumption for poster actions, where organizers get arranged sets with posters and Flyer free of charge, etc.. PP.

There are many possibilities for you to participate. Talk to us about your ideas.

Please have a look at our press office, there you will find current events, press releases, media and you can subscribe to our press distribution list. Thank you very much for your support!

Organizers keep the LPD running and work together on various aspects of the organization. Read more here.

Link our site, link LEO if you have entries there, report about us and/or events of the LPD, on your sites or blogs, tell others about the possibilities and the LPD, … Media, like our logo, can be found here. A short feedback with a link to the respective page would be nice and for questions, questions. 😉

A list of events can be found here or you can take a look at Linux-Events.Org to see which events there are in your area.

Linux-Events.Org [LEO] was created by FKN-Systems in 2016 in the course of the LPD to support and visualize the scope of the events. At that time still intended as LPD-OSM service, the potential of this tool to present all Linux events worldwide quickly became apparent. Thus it came to the name change to Linux events and its own platform.

LEO continues to serve to relieve the LPD organizers by allowing LPD organizers to register their events there independently, thus creating a complete and always up-to-date database of all LPDs. In LEO you can also enter what the organizer is missing or if an event is planned, but there is still a lack of support.

The site visitor can now see which events are taking place in his area and can find out more by clicking on a pin or contact them directly.

The idea behind LEO is simple. Anyone can register and manage his events there, as long as they have something with them: LINUX, OSS, Free Software, Free Hardware, and similar topics. This creates a central portal to all events.

Everyone can see at a glance which events will take place around him, and you can also integrate this data on your own website (always up to date). You can find out more about the possibilities of LEO here.

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